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滚球网站的咨询课程提供了四个令人兴奋的硕士课程, tailored to suit your passion: clinical mental health 咨询, clinical rehabilitation 咨询, rehabilitation 咨询, and school 咨询.

Program at a glance

Ready to explore some options? 教育学院的心理咨询系提供心理咨询的文学硕士课程, 除了核心课程之外,哪一门课程可以让你专注于四个专业中的一个或多个.

Concentrations are listed below:

Clinical mental health: 60 credit hours

Clinical rehabilitation 咨询: 60 credit hours

Rehabilitation 咨询: 48 credit hours

School 咨询: 60 credit hours





CACREP logoThe Council for Accreditation of 咨询 and Related Educational Programs, commonly known as CACREP, 是一个独立的认证机构,确保在美国和世界各地的研究生咨询项目符合咨询行业的标准.

CACREP认证表明一个项目的内容和质量已经经过了严格的评估, consistent standards set by the profession. 选择cacrep认证的课程也意味着课程包含许多州专业执照所需的学术知识.

Graduate catalog: 咨询

Graduate courses in 咨询

Graduate certificate in 咨询

Department Chair:
Geri Glover: gjglover@kdawnblushbeauty.com
Office phone: 505-454-3396

研究生被分配给他们研究领域的指导老师. 指导教师将帮助学生完成学习计划,以满足他们所在领域的特定课程要求, outlined in the Graduate Catalog. 所列课程必须符合入学目录规定的课程要求. 学术顾问将指导你完成学习计划.


  • 教育目标陈述,说明是什么激励你成为一名咨询师,以及你希望对咨询职业做出什么贡献
  • Two professional dispositions
  • 重新开始
  • Transcripts from all previously attended regionally accredited institutions (3.0 GPA or higher). Will consider those who do not meet the GPA requirement.


Summer and fall semesters, April 15

Spring semester, November 15

Decision to follow one month after the application deadline

Admit for fall, spring, and summer terms


专业咨询证书(LMHC)要求除考试外,还需要18个学分. 学时包括在临床心理健康咨询硕士课程的轨道. Rehabilitation 咨询 Certificate (CRC, PED K-12)需要18个学分,除了经验和监督. 学校辅导证书课程(PED K-12)需要12个学分和PED考试. 认证的深入要求和其他信息可以在这里找到 在这里.

Graduate certificate in 咨询

咨询 Department 愿景, 任务, and Program Objectives


高地咨询师教育计划的任务是培训初级咨询师,为社区服务机构的心理健康咨询师职位做好准备, in school systems as school counselors, and in rehabilitation settings as rehabilitation counselors. 我们致力于不断提高质量和卓越,促进批判性反思, integrates theory and practice, and promotes advocacy through a culturally responsive and inclusive approach.

Program Objectives
高地学校的辅导员教育项目旨在帮助学生做好有效的准备, proactive professionals who can develop, 组织, and implement outstanding and comprehensive 咨询 services and programs.  The program prepares students who:

  1. 根据咨询行业的标准和资格,展示与专业咨询方向一致的咨询道德实践;
  2. 在制定识别和消除障碍的战略时,了解国内和国际不同群体内部和之间的多元文化和多元化特征, 偏见, and processes of intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination;
  3. 在整个生命周期中表现出与人类生长和发展相关的因素的知识;
  4. 了解职业发展理论和策略,个人成长和职业机会在全球经济;
  5. Utilize theoretical foundations of individual 咨询, and skills in essential interviewing, 咨询, 和案例概念化,以促进客户的理解和获得各种社区资源;
  6. 利用团体咨询和小组工作的理论基础,规划伦理和文化相关的策略,设计和促进团体;
  7. Utilize methods of effective assessment relevant to academic, educational, 职业生涯, 个人, and social development;
  8. Understand the importance of research in advancing the 咨询 profession, including how to critique research to inform 咨询 practice; and,
  9. 表现出自我反思的能力和对反馈的开放态度,以评估和改进个人和组织的实践.

Annual Reports & Outcomes Assessment Reports

滚球网站的咨询项目每年通过几项评估进行评估,目的是改进和维持该项目. 这些评价反映了学生运用综合咨询知识的能力, skills and theory in their practice.
咨询 Program Annual Reports
Outcomes Assessment Reports

在线 and in-person classes

Work towards your goals through a combination of learning modalities. You’ll take online real-time and online asynchronous sessions through Zoom, as well as in-person on-the-ground classes. This variety of possibilities offers more accessibility to potential, 在校学生和返校学生,确保学生的多样性,这是单独的实地课程无法比拟的. 事实上,我们有来自新墨西哥州和其他州的学生.

Clinical practice

该实习旨在为您提供100小时宝贵的现场经验. Forty of these hours are in direct service with clients, giving you a hands-on education in real-life settings.

With the internship, 你将有600小时的现场经验在你选择的专业, and 240 hours of direct service with clients. 实习和实习都可以培养咨询技能,并在理论框架内进行实践, all while you are supervised by a working professional in the field.

These are great opportunities. 我们的许多学生在毕业后被雇用在他们实习和/或实习的机构.


The 咨询 program cares about your health. 如果你正在经历痛苦,需要咨询服务,请联系 胡在乎.

Faculty and Staff


Faculty and Staff